Free SEO Tool From Google

Free SEO Tool From Google

  1. Google PageSpeed Insights

Check the speed of your website on PC and Mobile device

To use this tool, you must visit web: Enter a URL, and this tool will test the loading time and performance for desktop and for mobile. The mobile results also come with a user experience score, grading areas like tap targets and font sizes. It’s also provide how to fix and improve your page speed load



  1. Google Analytics

A powerful tool, which can provide the details of your traffic, how user action on your web. You can use analytics to track How many new user do you get, how much time they spend on web, where are they from, which category they like most and etc



  1. Google Webmaster Tools


Constant website analysis, alerts, and error reports

It’s helpful to see any bugs, alerts, and indexing issues. It’s also provide how your keyword working on your site. On the otherhand, use webmaster tools to submitt your Url so that Google can index your url faster and imediately.

Pro tip: Each of these two tools requires a bit of installation on your site. If you’ve got a WordPress website, you can add the webmaster code automatically through a plugin.


  1. Google Keyword Planner

Making keyword plan easier

Enter a keyword or group of keywords into the tool, and Google will return all sorts of helpful stats to guide your keyword strategy: monthly search volume, competition, and even suggested terms you might not have considered.




  1. Google.comin an Incognito Window

It’s can help you know familiar keyword people used to search on Google

Searching in an incognito window will bring up that all-familiar list of autofill options, many of which can help guide your keyword research. The incognito ensures that any customized search data Google stores when you’re signed in gets left out. Incognito may also be helpful to see where you truly rank on a results page for a certain term.


  1. Google Trends

Changes in search volume for key terms

Google Trends is a public web facility of Google Inc., based on Google Search, that shows how often a particular search-term is entered relative to the total search-volume across various regions of the world, and in various languages


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