Why pokemon go is so Popular?

It’s get you out of the house. It’s got some cool technology, the AR thing is fun, although obviously all the pros turn that off, because it makes it easier to catch precious Pokemon.
Pokemon is plural and it’s got picachu in it. So those things are fun. But beyond that, there is one thing that pokemon go does that we haven’t seen a game do in ages. It doesn’t tell you any thing about the game.
When you start it up, it gives you some instructions, but they are so basic. And if you play Pokemon Go for a while, you will know but what you’re told at the beginning, those instructions and the sort of meager tutorials, really don’t give you any idea of what you have to do.


Pokemon go

The narrowing circle thing when you’re trying to catch the Pokemon, how does that affect the likelihood of a catch? When you put down a razz berry, does it only work once? Most of people were getting very frustrated by Pokeshops because they are were sort of passing them and they did not know you had to spin them. You found other people who were playing it and you started talking to them and that why the game has the community. It’s  also why the game feel like such a phenomenon. And the most important thing you can do when you start playing pokemon go is find someone who already knows how to play it and get all their knowledge. Pokemon can connect most of player together exceeds space and time.


That’s the reason why pokemon go is more popular nowadays

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