Top 3 SEO Tips 2016: Content is King, Link is not queen now

SEO Tips 2016: Content is King, Link is queen?


SEO tips 2016

Analysis keyword

– Using Google Keyword Planer for keyword research
– Finding some less-competitive keywords
– Choose keyword phrases
– Group by the relevant keyword
Google Keyword Planner:
A free seo tool provided by Google, which can help identify keywords or make some keywords phrases

find less competitive but more search keyword
This is an important part of SEO, because keyword will help increasing traffic into your website. The more competitor, the more difficult to get higher rank of keywords.
Choose keyword phases: Instead of select a single keyword, keyword phrases has more chance to improve rankings

SEO on-page tips
– Interesting articles and readability
– Quality content
– Interesting titles
– Relavant meta description
– Optimize keyword density
– Friendly URL
– Keyword appears in first paragraph
– Focus on keyword

Interesting articles and readability: no one like reading a lengtly and boring article, so try to create a clearly and interesting content which can make reader forget the titles of ariticles
Titles should be focus on what your post talking about, an interesting article attract more people want to read your post
URL friendly help google index easier.


– Using social media for backlink
– Building quality backlinks
Social Media not only help building quality backlink but also increasing traffic for your website
Quality backlink: Don’t spam backlink, quality is more important than quantity so spend more time and effort in building backlinks

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